Try this interactive graph below or our Neo4j graph. Blue [edges] run between purple [nodes]. A node can be anything, an edge can be any type of link. Networks and Connections.

Our latest stuff includes The Fruit Stand Project for learning SQL, Power BI, and Business Analysis. Or start writing some SQL or Python. Decisions and Reactions. Welcome to qewbi.com.

The Fruit Stand Project

Nothing is more exciting around here right now than the Fruit Stand Project. This is a collaboration between Edward Kench, the founder of qewbi.com, and his 12 year old son Theo, the idea being to create a real-world coding experience for those seeking to become business software developers.

This project is designed to take absolute beginners through different areas of software development, business analysis, database design, and data analytics from one end of the development process all the way over to the other. By the conclusion of the series, participants will get the chance to work in several technology areas, such as SQL and Power BI, as well as business analysis and testing.

It's good to get highly skilled in an individual technology, but it's even better to become highly skilled in multiple technologies if you can. Also, for those who are new to software development, it's important to understand the concepts behind business analyis and quality assurance (software testing).

In order to create the highest software value, you'll need a solid understanding of the business. To aid in that, software development teams build models and designs to help translate the business ideas into working software. As part of this series, you will do analysis, modeling, coding, and testing. That's a full basket of fruit.

Code Playgrounds: A Fun Place to Code

Useful for playing around with code without having to install anything, these playgrounds are free and open to kids of all ages. They are also useful if you want to teach others or give demos.


Python Code Playground


UML Code Playground


Query Neo4j DB


Video Connections

Here are a few of our videos. We have videos for all types of knowledge-seekers, including videos for STEM education in software development, taught by kids for kids!




Use Case









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