A Family Business


Edward Kench

Edward Kench founded qewbi.com as a place to build out a network of freely available technical knowledge, education, and complete full-length courses on some of the latest hot technologies.

Early in his software development career, Edward experienced a coworker refusing to explain something simple and claiming it was due to "job security". Edward subsequently became a teacher of software technologies for over 15 years, teaching thousands of students across the United States a variety of enterprise technologies including Java, UML, Big Data, C#, and Business Intelligence. He is deeply committed to collaboration, is thrilled to explain things, and as teacher adheres tightly to this equation for how to use knowledge:

hiding sharing knowledge = job security

Edward has worked across many industries from finance to television and for companies ranging from startups to global corporations. He has been the architect of many software systems with a specialization in software modeling and design, analytics, data visualization, and Big Data.

Theo Kench

Theo is Edward's son and collaborator on this site. Theo is currently 12 years old and he has been working with many technologies for several years, including robotics, Scrach, Python, Raspberry Pi, and Unity. He also flies drones. His role at qewbi is to teach and learn, and he currently is in charge of teaching a big part of The Fruit Stand Project, a class built to help absolute beginners program a project end-to-end, including business analysis, coding, and testing. Theo practices the martial art Hapkido as well as studying saxophone and participating in an acting program. He does all this while remaining among the top students in languages, science and math in his middle school.


Qewbi is pronounced "QB" and is the name of the Kench family's miniature poodle. Qewbi loves to get wet and then roll in dirt.