wormhole [wurm-hohl]


definition: Having to do with big data. A dimension that joins multiple universes of data. Also known as a shared, or conformed dimension. An example of a wormhole is a time or geography dimension. These dimensions could join datasets that share those dimensions in common, creating a global web of connected data sets. See video.

dimension [dih-men-shuhn]


definition: a collection of attributes that describe a complex relationship. these are created as tables in a data warehouse.

star [stahr]


definition: A type of data schema based on dimension tables and fact tables.

cube [qewb]


definition: A multi-dimensional data structure.

here at qewbi we collect data sets like some people collect Pokemon cards. we make these data sets publicly available for data aficionados, data scientists, and developers. below you will find a list of data sets that we have made freely available for you to download and use any way you please. enjoy!

Florida Address & Property Data

Data set with 10 million addresses of properties and homes in FL. Characteristics like year built and property value.
130 MB Zip (CSV)

Los Angeles Parcel Data

LA assessors parcel data. 4+million rows.
180 MB Zip (CSV)

US Zip Level Demographics

Basic demographics such as population and earnings at the zip code and county level.
1 MB Zip (CSV)

Time Dimension

Time dimension for a data warehouse. Years 2000 through 2050. Slice by month, quarter, week, trimester, and other time-related segments.
500K Zip (CSV)